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Monday, January 23, 2006

Who's Who

Brandon Hall a leading independent expert in e-learning, CEO of Brandon Hall Research.

Michael G. Moore
Dr. G. Moore is a pioneer in distance education, with...

Stephen Dawn, E-learning Group of nstitute for Information Technology, Canada, Stephen’s Web.

George Siemens, instructor of Red River College, Canada. One of his popular blog is elearningspace.

Ray Schroeder, Professor Emeritus/Director Office of Technology Enhanced Learning, University of Illinois at Springfield. One of the blog he runs is Online Learning Update.

Michael Feldstein , an assistant director at the SUNY Learning Network. He was a member of the Open Source community around MIT's dotLRN Course Management System. His home page is e-Literate.

Jay Cross, editor of LearningCircuits, CEO of eLearning Forum. He's home page at Informal Learning.

Terry Anderson Professor amd Canada Research Chair in Distance Education, Athabasca University.
His personal blog is Virtual Canuck.
Todd Nicolet Manager, Online Instruction Group, University of North Carolina.
Stanley Varnhagen Associate Director, Center for Academic Technologies for Learning University of Alberta.

Selection Norm
Widely read blog authors
First three reviewers of Online Course Evaluation Project of EduTools


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